Cloud servers are all well and good but can your business really do without the hardware equivalent? Well if you want your business to succeed then no not really, you’re going to need a dedicated server especially if you want your business to grow and prosper. A server can help the running of your business in many ways especially if you want your employees to be able to share information and data with each other. While servers might not be as popular as they one where you still need one and there’s plenty of choice available, so without further ado let’s look at five of the best severs you have available to you today!


Fujitsu Primergy TX1310 M1


With an Intel Xeon E3-1226 v3 CPU, Intel HD Graphics P4600, a 16GB Ram and 2 single TB HDD of storage this Fujitsu server is a great choice for any business. While Fujitsu likely isn’t the first manufacturer you’d think of it is one of the best options available today.

Fujitsu have a varied history and have been involved in the production of various electronics, the TX1310 M1 is very much an entry level server so is ideal for smaller businesses. It also features an optimal drive along with an amazing industry-leading guarantee.

So if the worst should happen this excellent server will be repaired or replaced at no extra-cost. It also includes four DIMM slots along with four storage bays and supports up to 32TB of extra storage and 32GB of extra memory. And don’t worry it also runs quietly at all hours of the day.


Dell PowerEdge T20


Featuring an Intel Pentium G3220 CPU, Intel HD Graphics and 4GB of Ram this Dell server is a versatile machine that is available for a great bargain price. It also has added connectivity thanks to its 12 USB ports and the compact design means that it’s easy to store. Servers aren’t all the huge room filling machines you might see in the movies as this smart Dell server shows.

Dell as over 20 years of experience building and designing servers so you can be sure this machine will always be a server you can rely on. With the capability to process up to 3GHz and various expansion capabilities including four SATA ports, four I/O slots and a Gigabit Ethernet port this is a great server for any businesses on a tighter budget.


Dell PowerEdge T20 [Xeon]


The more advanced “big brother” of the regular Dell T20 server the PowerEdge T20 Xeon offers a great array of features and has an array of impressive specs including: an Intel Xeon E3-1225 CPU, Intel HD Graphics, 32GB of Ram, 1TB HDD or storage and impressive connectivity with up to 12 USB ports. It also includes two display ports and a Gigabit Ethernet connection.

With room for up to six internal disks this server is ideal for any modern business and while it certainly features plenty of impressive features. It also retains the compact design of the more basic T20 meaning you won’t have to find a lot of free space to set this server up.


Supermicro SuperWorkstation 5039A-IL


 This interesting device doubles as both a work station and a server, as you can imagine this gives it a great array of features. Amongst its impressive specs are: an Intel Xeon CPU, Intel HD Graphics, 64GB of Ram, a variety of different USB ports, 7.1 audio, DVI-D and 2 Gigabit Ethernet ports.

So yes, this Supermicro server is certainly full of impressive features and you can even upgrade it for even more! It’s perfect for growing businesses and it’s even suitable for more niche businesses like creative outfits.

Be warned though this is one big machine and it weighs over 18KG so transporting and it will be tricky. But once you’ve got it set up you’ll have everything you could possibly need in one place and while Supermicro might not be a household name they’re skilled and experienced professionals so you can be sure that this is a hardy, well built server.


Lenovo ThinkServer TS140


Lenovo might not be famous for their servers but they really should be! This impressive machine is perfect for small to medium sized businesses and is also incredibly quiet. It’s also very affordable so it’s perfect for businesses on a tighter budget. It features an Intel Xeon CPU, Intel HD graphics, 4GB of Ram and even 2 single TB HDD storage.

So what else does the Lenovo server offer? Well it also features on board support for RAID 0, 1, 5 and 10 and can accommodate a range of extras like four HDDs meaning you can extend the storage capabilities by up to 32TB. You also have an array of ports including 8 USB’s, 3 video connectors, 3 audio connectors, a Gigabit Ethernet and more.

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