Modern web browsers like Google Chrome, Opera and Firefox offer users the ability to browse in an ‘incognito’ mode under which search and web histories are not recorded. Many users fall under the impression that this also means they are browsing the internet anonymously. That however is not the case, as search engines can still track you using your IP address, geo location and several other parameters. If you want to perform web searches truly anonymously, consider using the following search engines:

  1. DuckDuckGo

DuckDuckGo is a highly secure search engine which does not track any of its users. They offer a very good search experience and the search results are relatively accurate as well. While you may not get the same accuracy as Google, you do get a very secure search experience. This is perhaps the best option if you want the best search experience and absolute anonymity.

  1. Startpage

Startpage is an anonymous search engine which claims to be the “the world’s most private search engine”. Its search results are fairly accurate and it will not track the user in any way. Startpage goes a step further and offers its users the ability to browse any website that comes in the search results through an anonymous proxy. So not only do you get an anonymous search experience, you can also choose to browse website anonymously through Startpage.

  1. Yippy

Yippy is a secure search engine which does not track any of its users search queries and does not allow customized ads (a consequence of search tracking). Yippy also allows you to view cached copies of web pages and has a neat feature which allows you to preview web pages in the search results page.

  1. Hulbee

Hulbee is a private search engine that allows its users to search the internet without tracking any search queries or serving interest-based ads. The search engine does not analyze any of the search data and mainly runs on donations. This service also provides its users the ability to customize their searches based on location. This makes the search results accurate.

  1. Disconnect Search

Disconnect Search is an anonymous search engine that does not track its users. It works differently than the aforementioned search engines in that it uses search assistance from established search engines like Google and Bing.