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Backup Disaster Recovery IT has become a crucial part to running businesses and the success often depends on the reliability of technology. Here at Qilnix, we offer our own branded backup system so that your critical and sensitive data can always be retrieved and recovered.
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Backup is crucial to your business!

IT has become a crucial part to running businesses and the success often depends on the reliability of technology. Many business owners now, having put in place their disaster recovery measures and backup protocols, want to do what they can to ensure they never have to use them. The managed Continuity service that we offer is a sophisticated solution suitable for businesses of all sizes and in all sectors. It is aimed at ensuring that your critical systems are always safe and that your company is always up and running. No business ever likes to imagine that any sensitive data or records will ever go astray, however, it is within the interests of the company’s reputation, revenue and continuing service that they arrange for managed backup. Here at Qilnix, we offer our own branded backup system so that your critical and sensitive data can always be retrieved and recovered – whether it be in the event of an accidental data wipe or even a malicious attack or database corruption.

Backup Disaster Recovery

Managed Backup

We offer a managed backup service with backup disaster recovery service, which is perfect for even the busiest of businesses. We work with all sizes of business from very small to medium-sized organisation with their own internal IT Staff. We have the skills and knowledge and we are here to help.

Using one or more storage devices to keep the backed-up copies, software is used to manage and schedule the backup process. As part of the exercise an archiving operation can be carried out to move older files out of the main systems, freeing up more space.

Low levels of maintenance are required for the technology which is robust and reliable.

Managed Backup – The Benefits


Peace of mind. You have reduced your risks to a minimum.


The investment you have made in your IT infrastructure will not be squandered by a loss of data.


The flexibility and scalability offer your business better budget planning options.


Integral component to an overall business continuity plan


Secure and reliable


Full IT support and advice as part of the package


Management is largely remote meaning there is minimal impact on the day to day workings of your core business.


Comprehensive Cover for your servers and workstations.



Our Business Continuity Solution is intended for medium and larger sized business and it offers a number of technical benefits. For small businesses a more straightforward solution of cloud backup is often the more appropriate choice while still offering a lot of the same benefits and advantages.


Fault tolerance

This is achieved through replication and an automated recovery that tests and verifies the document or file.

Virtualisation awareness

Within 5 seconds the system can failover to virtual servers.


Full audit trail

Tracks changes to files.

Maximised connections

Making full use of the LAN and secure internet connections to the cloud or remote data storage environment.

Optimising recovery

Our solution screens files and builds full images of them meaning that corrupt or harmful files are not reinstated during the recovery. This also speeds up the process.

Let Us Take The Stress

Managed backup can be provided either on-site, via the cloud, or even in a hybrid format – and it requires very little in the way of installation, maintenance or even storage to set up and run in the background. As a low-maintenance but crucial element of your IT infrastructure, it can be handily left to backup and tick over in anticipation for anything disastrous occurring to your sensitive data.

  • Data backup and surveillance available on a 24/7 basis
  • Low maintenance and running costs
  • Flexible installation – on site, via cloud, or both
  • Versatile customisation for regular backups
  • Server virtualisation support
  • A valuable aid to business continuity
  • Guaranteed security and reliable data retrieval
  • Works in tandem with Qilnix’s 24/7 network monitoring and maintenance

Qilnix’s managed backup service is easy to use and low-cost to run long-term – and in addition to our backup support providing you with essential data insurance in case of the absolute worst case scenario, you can be assured of a reliable system that can be used at any time of the day, any day of the week. Managed backup will happily work behind the scenes and step in whenever you may need it.

Our managed backup service also works seamlessly with our 24/7 network monitoring and security services, meaning that it will take action for you and provide the backups you need as soon as an alert is raised by our surveillance. This way, you can be assured of a security guard for your data during the day, and a night watchman at the end of working hours. For peace of mind and complete security over your data, there really is no better alternative.

Loss of data happens every day, either deliberately or accidentally by human hand, or it can happen by other means such as a fire, flood or general hardware failure.

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