Microsoft Office 365 is the comfort blanket in the technology world with an easy and simple learning curve but with a great array of features anyone from expert to amateur will love. Offering a variety of important business features it includes all the well-known Office applications like: Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Access, Publisher and OneNote.

But that’s not all you’ll also have access to Outlook for all your email requirements and other features like Skype and Exchange Online plus access to Microsoft’s vast cloud services. With Microsoft Office 365 you can also work across multiple platforms and devices from your laptop to your tablet. And this even includes a range of makes and models so both the Apple IOS and Android operating systems are supported.

So there’s plenty of reasons why any business no matter its size can benefit from using Microsoft Office 365 and with regular free updates you can ensure it always work efficiently with your business. Microsoft Office 365 is also one of the most compatible pieces of software out there and will work perfectly with older set ups from Office 2007 and beyond!

The Many Benefits of Microsoft Office 365!

Microsoft Office 365 as proven to be one of the most popular software packages for over a decade now but what is the secret to its success? There’s no one answer to that question Microsoft Office 365 simply offers so much but let’s take a closer look at the many benefits of Microsoft Office 365 in more detail.

Instant Access From Anywhere!

Thanks to Microsoft Office 365’s versatility you can get instant access from almost anywhere! This means you can easily keep connected an up to date with your work wherever you are. Whether it’s an out of the office commute or even a just quick check to see how things are going with Microsoft Office 365 you can do it all. And thanks to the cloud and Office 365 versatility you can do this on a range of devices including tablets and smartphones.

Reliable and Secure

Microsoft Office 365 is one of the most secure and reliable software packages available and thanks to its security you can be sure that if you ever need to let outside help or support step in or need to share documents or data that your IT team will have instant access to Microsoft’s first class high-quality support services.

Helps With Productivity

One of the biggest perks of Microsoft Office 365 is that it will make the day to day running of your business much simpler and easier! That means all your staff whether they’re writing emails, collecting data, typing up reports or practical anything else you can think of will have a program available that lets them better focus on the job at hand. Microsoft Office 365 is vital to the smooth running of a business and once you’ve experienced working with it you won’t want to go back.

You Have Total Control

With Microsoft Office 365 your IT team will know exactly what is going on and when and where. This makes it an invaluable resource for unexpected disasters that would normally result in a loss of data. Thanks to Microsoft Office’s many impressive features your administrators will be able to have total control over everything so if the worst should happen they can step in quick to take control of the problem. You can also even set up special security measures to ensure any sensitive or private information is protected.

Payment Options

Another great thing about Microsoft Office 365 is that you can pay for it in a variety of ways! This include both annual and monthly subscriptions plans which makes it much more cost effective for smaller businesses.

The Many Benefits of The Cloud

And last but certainly not least we have the cloud storage that becomes available to you when you use Microsoft Office 365. The cloud is much more than a storage space though it offers so many great benefits that I think it’s only right that we take a more in-depth look at them.

Data Recovery/ Protection

The cloud is a great help (not to mention it gives you instant peace of mind as well) if a disaster happens and your servers are damaged you could easily run the risk of losing all your data, but with the cloud acting as back up you won’t just have a safe backup of your data but you’ll also be able to access it instantly. Likewise having your data backed up also ensures that it is protected, the Microsoft Office cloud is also very secure so you’ll always be able to ensure your data is safe.

Easy To Use

One of the most appealing features of Microsoft Office 365 is that it’s simple and straightforward to use, yet still features an array of advanced features. This great benefit is carried over into the cloud meaning that even if you’re new to using cloud storage you’ll quickly be able to get to grips with it and maintenance won’t be something you’ll need to worry about saving you time and money.

The Right Size For Your Business

The cloud isn’t a one-size fits all feature, you can have all the storage space you need and no more! Thanks to its scalable design you can even increase it over time so it will grow as your business develops. This way you can all ways make sure you’re only paying for the storage space you actually need.

A Quick and Easy Integration

Another good benefit of the Cloud is its quick and simple integration! The cloud can be integrated into your business smoothly and quickly so you won’t have to wait for weeks just to use it, meaning your business can continue to run at optimal efficiency.

Instant Access from Anywhere 

The final amazing benefit of the cloud is that you can access it from anywhere! As long you have an internet connection you can always access any data on the cloud and ensure you are always kept up to date on the day to day operations of your business.

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