Your business is your baby and for small business owners it’s something you’ll want to protect and manage every aspect of. But when it comes to your businesses IT department this is a recipe for disaster. You might be managing fine on your own without an IT department or even IT staff for now but eventually you will need them.

Whether it’s simply to keep all your technology running smoothly or to help you with business specific software issues, IT support is something you will need sooner or later. But when is the right time to do so? Well it’s different for every business but we’ve identified some common warning signs for you to watch out for.

Virus Trouble

Computer viruses are more common than you think but thankfully many are also easy to get rid of sometimes. If you have a little tech know how you might be able to manage but do you really want to take that chance?

What happens when a more serious virus arrives that your techy member of staff can’t fix? You can avoid this entirely by having IT support to ensure your computers are always secure and if somehow you do get infected by a virus, you’ll have the peace of mind in knowing you have a professional team on the case to get rid of it fast. a


Just like viruses there’s many types of common everyday computer malfunctions and problems, you might know how to solve some but what happens when your well of knowledge runs dry? Even a seemingly simple issue like not be able to connect your office printer can severely hamper your business, so why take that chance? With professional IT support you can ensure any malfunctions are repaired quickly and ensure your systems are better monitored and maintained.

If You’re Outdated

Windows XP might have been very popular when it was released but that was quite some time ago now. But you’d be surprised how many are still running with it, you might even think that despite its age it still works well, so you might not see a reason to update.

But while you might like it, its age will hold you back after all since April 2014 Microsoft have even stopped supporting it which leaves you open to many potential problems. So don’t just settle for old programs and get IT support in to help get you up to date.

If You Lose Time

Your business can only stay open for so long right? Do you want to risk losing money and time while you wrestle with the computer? No of course not but without professional IT support that will happen so don’t risk losing money and your valuable time and get professional IT support to deal with any tech related problems while you focus on your business.

If You Start Missing Deadlines

All businesses run to a deadline of some kind. Whatever you do you need to do it in a certain time limit, don’t you? And our computer systems are supposed to help us ensure we do this, which is why a computer problem of any kind that stops us from reaching our deadlines is such a nightmare. So, if you’re experiencing this it’s time to get professional IT support in to help maintain your systems and troubleshoot any problems. So you can confidentially ensure your business never misses a deadline again.

If You Can’t Update Anymore

All big and specialist software programs run updates every so often to help ensure the program can work with your computers and systems. But what if you can’t run the updates and as such can’t gain access to new features and in some cases you’re even prevented from using a program entirely? Well you need professional IT support of course to ensure that you’re never faced with this problem in the first place.

If Your Data Isn’t Backed Up

Yeah we know it will never happen to you will it? Trust us it will eventually whether it’s a technical issue or something even more unexpected like a natural disaster your hard drives aren’t indestructible. So you should make sure you have your data backed up and protected so even if something does happen you will always have a way to recover your data and professional IT support can make sure this is done.

If Your Business Is Professional

The final and the most obverse one, if your business is a professional operation then you need to ensure you have professional IT support. Not just for yourself but for your employees and your customers and clients.

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