Cloud Backup

Whether you are an individual, or if you are working on behalf of a business, data backup is essential – particularly if you handle considerably sensitive or high-profile information.
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Never Has Data Been so Important

Whether you are an individual, or if you are working on behalf of a business, data backup is essential – particularly if you handle considerably sensitive or high-profile information. Data loss may be unthinkable – and no one likes to envisage it happening to them – but it has become essential for businesses with IT infrastructures worldwide to consider options available to them for both data backup and recovery. With the right software or hardware, you can be assured that any data loss disaster can be remedied with just a few clicks in the right direction.

Cloud Backup

Guaranteed Data Protection

Hosted Backup Cloud uses high-end storage equipment, which is located in a physically secured UK datacentre. Due to an extensive SLA you can always access your backed-up data and the datacentre has multiple Standardisation Certifications.

Automatic Backup

As soon as users log in to your company network from any location the backup process will start. You will also be able to view and download your data from anywhere in the world via the Internet.

Cloud Backup
Cloud Backup

Automatic reports, easy monitoring

Automatic reports in the software and through email make sure that you are always up to date about the status of your backups.

Powerful Authentication

Our Cloud Backup also offers powerful authentication capabilities, ensuring that only authorised parties are able to access your data. Hosted Acronis Backup Cloud uses excellent security techniques to ensure that backup data is 100% private and not accessible to anyone but you.

Cloud Backup

Benifits of Cloud Backup

Low cost

Cloud backup needs to be configured once; thereafter all backups are executed automatically, saving you time and money.


Backups are made automatically through a schedule. Therefore human intervention is unnecessary.

Peace of mind

Cloud backup is ‘fire and forget’ software; once configured, it works fully automatically and you will receive emails with status updates.

Easily restored

The restore of your data is very fast and easy. You select the backed-up data and choose the target location. In no-time your files and folders are back on their computer.


High availability

With cloud backup your data is continuously and directly available. When you lose data, you can immediately start with restoring your data.



Cloud backup can keep a history of your file changes depending on your retention preferences. Changed files are stored as a new version; this allows you to go back weeks to restore the desired version.

Protect your Business – Protect your Data

As well as offering a comprehensive network and physical data backup service that responds to losses and replenishes data as and when required, Qilnix also believe that businesses should be taking advantage of the benefits that cloud-based technology has to offer. Working seamlessly with other cloud-based platforms that we offer and associated partners, Qilnix are proud to provide a remote cloud alternative to data backup and retrieval that optimises flexibility and efficiency – and is just as beneficial in that it enables you to retrieve your data any time you need it.

Stay secure

Qilnix’s cloud backup is superb in providing businesses with peace of mind and added control over their sensitive data. All data backed up within the cloud is encrypted to government standards and is thus already more secure before an attack has even taken place – meaning that it is even less likely that your business and sensitive records could be affected by malicious software, hacking or data interception. Cloud backup comes with the added benefit of allowing you to store your data entirely off-site and access such information online, ensuring that there is no risk to sensitive information being lost should physical breakdowns or disasters occur at your company headquarters

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Many businesses are now opting to take the chance to move data and sensitive information off-site and into the cloud, meaning that if you are yet to take advantage of the flexibility that non-physical storage has to offer, now may well be the time to consider moving your services. Qilnix offer a wealth of cloud-based IT strategies and programs, from server virtualisation via VMWare to Microsoft Office 365, Sharepoint Online and Exchange – as we truly believe that cloud technology is the way forward for productivity, efficiency and security in business today.

For more information on the benefits of cloud backup and how Qilnix can help revolutionise your data management and productivity, call us today on 01438 419 020 or contact us via our web form below – and let us demonstrate just how the cloud could work for you!

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