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Qilnix can provide the expertise and guidance that your business needs to start making an even bigger splash in your industry. Consultancy And Projects.
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Broad Experience and Expertise

Without IT consultancy, it can be difficult to work out how to make improvements to your infrastructure and how to keep ahead of the competition – this is a concern that affects everyone from small enterprises even up to bigger firms and large companies – but if your IT operation is in need of a health check or even an overhaul, Qilnix can provide the expertise and guidance that your business needs to start making an even bigger splash in your industry.

We believe that IT consultancy shouldn’t leave businesses out of pocket. We strive to ensure that we not only improve the efficiency of your systems and minimise any risk of you losing revenue, but also actively work to help increase your overall income – which can include identifying areas where expenditure can be greatly cut back.



Complex installations, perhaps across more than one site or throughout a large building might mean that a more considered approach is taken to the installation process, moving phase by phase to ensure continuity. We are very experienced in rolling installations and upgrades, both as consultants and as the implementers of these processes.



We can install and set up your servers and PCs, and we can set up your network with all the peripherals. We can help you design your network for maximum efficiency and configure the domain and active directories, we can also run all software installation processes required. We take care of everything during set up, so it is all ready for you and your staff to switch on and start working.


Upgrade & Migration

If you are thinking of upgrading your infrastructure we can help. Depending on what you are looking to achieve with your IT and your business needs, there are different options available.


Relocation and changes

The headache and stress of moving office can be made worse by the thought of having to dismantle and re-set up your entire infrastructure when you reach the new premises. We can fully manage the transition for you and have you ready to pick up where you left off at the new location. One less thing to worry about.


We are a trusted consultant on matters relating to IT networks and have helped dozens of companies design their network for maximum efficiency. An optimal design can increase the speed of your network and therefore the productivity of your company.
We can identify the assets you currently hold and how they fit into your existing infrastructure. We will then evaluate where your company’s unique business needs are and start to redesign your network in a tailored way. Our technical solutions, which may include recommendations for upgrades, will then be provided in document that can be used for your future planning and budgeting considerations. Recommendations for upgrades may include Hardware and Software. We have access to state-of-the-art hardware and the latest versions of the most commonly used business software so we can often supply what you need.

We Can Source the Following


  • Servers
  • Desktops and workstations
  • Laptops and mobile devices/tablets
  • Network attached storage (NASs)
  • Networking equipment: Switches, routers and access points
  • Monitors, keyboards and mice
  • VoIP handsets
  • Printers and scanners
  • Printer consumables
  • Macs, iPads and other Apple hardware
  • And more


  • All Microsoft licences
  • Operating System upgrades
  • Server operating systems and client access licences
  • Microsoft Office 365 (Monthly payment terms available)
  • Accounting software
  • Industry-specific software
  • Software consultancy/project management
  • Web design/development
  • And more

Consultancy And Projects

Don’t see what you’re looking for? We have lots of contacts and can probably find what you need. Contact us today and we’ll see what we can do.  

Consultancy And Projects

Qilnix can assess all factors of your IT infrastructure setup, offering road-mapping and project planning that can turn a fledgling SME into a highly profitable enterprise with just a few changes. Whether your enterprise is in need of upgrades to hardware, changes to LAN or WAN networking to improve efficiency, or if your servers are in need of an overhaul, we will offer you a bespoke action plan that will fine-tune your IT infrastructure into an efficient and profitable operation at the very forefront of competition.

Consultancy And Projects

Such project planning can be complex, and we always recommend hiring consultancy professionals to analyse and implement any changes that are likely to affect your business’ position in your industry. Unlike independent IT consultancy, we offer affordable and flexible analysis plans to fit your budget – and with a focus on client care and support, you can be assured that we will keep you at the heart of any action plan we arrange for you. Our overall aim is to not only analyse and propose changes to your IT operation that will benefit you and your employees, but also to help support you with an aftercare plan to ensure that you stay at the very top of your game.

Consultancy And Projects

Our manageable IT action plans will identify your operational strengths, weaknesses, and will help you work towards any short or long-term business goals that may be affected by the technology you currently have implemented. From system upgrades to network simplifications, and from server troubleshooting to cloud server implementation, our expert consultants will be able to identify and put any changes into action with your consent – and with relative ease!

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Qilnix offer a range of IT support and care packages and we are particularly proud of our bespoke IT consultancy and project management service – if you are interested in boosting your revenue or are keen for a professional IT consultancy to analyse your operation in close detail, call us today on 01438 419 020 or contact us via our web form below – and we will be happy to discuss your needs and can arrange a face-to-face consultation with you at your earliest convenience.

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