Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) might not be a term you’re overly familiar with. But MSSP’s are growing in popularity all the time and are used by a variety of different businesses and organisations from a wide range of industries.

So what do they do? At the simpler level MSSPs are third party security providers for the administration of a company’s security processes. Think of them as security guards for cyberspace, and they can work with your in-house security team or take on the role of your team themselves. So, they can work remotely or in-house and they provide a wide range of services.

What They Offer

MSSPs can offer you a wealth of different security services and are a great way to ensure you have sufficient security if you lack the in-house resources or special expertise required. They can also be used to maintain security management outside of normal business operating hours and protect you from cyber threats.

While many groups use MSSPs for incident response purposes, they are also valuable for setting up security infrastructure, investigative work and even conducting audits. Some MSSPs also specialise in certain areas so if you need more specialist services they may also be able to help.

The Benefits and Advantages of using MSSPs

MSSPs offer a great range of benefits and advantages, but one of the main reasons many organisations and businesses use MSSPs is because it saves them time. An MSSP can drastically cut your businesses/ organisations workload and work alongside or take the place on an in-house team.

With an MSSP you can also get instant access to a group of knowledgeable and experienced people, without needing to find or hire them yourself. And because many MSSPs can work both remotely and on-site, there will be very little intrusion and you can still ensure maximum security.

They are also not bound by your regular working business hours, so you can get assistance and security whenever you need it. MSSPs are also multiskilled groups who can deal with a wide range of issues including audits and maintenance, which gives you time to focus your efforts on more important matters.

MSSPs today offer such a wide variety of different services that they can really help you with whatever you need. Whether you need to outsource all your security matters or just focus on one special key area an MSSP can help. With a quality MSSP helping you, you can cut down on costs and save time.

May businesses and organisations that use MSSPs will usually be able to cut down on their IT costs significantly and with a professional MSSP assisting you, you may not even need to hire your own on-site team anymore. And since MSSPs use their own top of the line equipment you can make even more savings.

MSSPs can also be used if you need to get to work quickly for any security purpose, many offer continuous oversight all around the clock and all year long. MSSPs offer a speedy service that just can’t be matched by in-house IT teams, so even businesses with their own in-house teams will usually call upon MSSPs in an emergency.


Do I Need An MSSP?

Needing an MSSP isn’t really the question you should be asking yourself, what you really need to ask is what value do you get from using an MSSP? An MSSP can help you in many ways and can be a benefit to a business that already has its own in-house team as well. With an MSSP, expanding your security capabilities is easy but they are also a lifeline that you can always count on.

In an age where cyber-attacks and threats are becoming increasingly commonplace an MSSP is a great relief and an extra layer of protection. Many businesses and organisation know that there are greater risks of cyber-attacks today, but usually, they don’t often act till they have experienced an attack themselves. But why take the risk in the first place when an MSSP can help you instead?

An MSSP is a great help for a wide array of different tasks but in this increasingly digital age we now live in where new cyber threats are emerging all the time, they can be of great assistance. MSSPs will have all the tools and resources to tackle the latest threats with more skill than an in-house IT team likely would.

Many MSSPs also operate on a global platform so they will have more understanding and knowledge of the current threat landscape. Their ability to tackle cyber threats and protect you against them in tandem with their wider range of other services means that any business or organisations can get a lot of value from using an MSSP.

How To Choose The Best MSSP For Your Needs

Choosing the best MSSP for your business can seem difficult at first glance, with such a wide array of MSSPs available knowing which provider is best for your needs can be tricky. The best way to go about finding the MSSP perfect for you is to identify your business/ organisations requirements and go from there.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions and research the providers as well, you’ll also need to think carefully about what you’re outsourcing and ensure your IT and security teams can work and plan alongside the MSSP.

You’ll also need to work out your budget, so you can ensure you can actually afford your desired MSSP. So make sure you carry out research, plan accordingly and finally before making any decision ask for references. It might take a little longer than you’d like, but putting the extra time into finding the best MSSP for your needs will pay off in the long run.

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