Kaspersky Lab recently launched a free version of its popular antivirus software that will be available to download for computer users worldwide.

This free antivirus comes with ‘award-winning’ protection and performance optimization which according to Kaspersky provides optimized security that does not affect the performance of your computer.

This antivirus software is normally part of Kaspersky’s comprehensive Internet Security software but has been released for free as part of the 20th anniversary celebration for the Russian cybersecurity company.

The free antivirus is currently available to download for users in the United States, Canada and most Asia Pacific countries. It will be available in September for users in India, Hong Kong, the Middle East, Turkey, Africa and South America. Users in Europe, South Korea and Japan can download the software in October while users in Vietnam and Thailand will have to wait until November.

Although this seems like a kind gesture, the company will get something out of it. Owing to the mass number of installations of the software, the company will be able to collect an increased amount of data that will eventually help it strengthen its security protocols even further. This will work out for the benefit for both the company and those using its software.



How can I download Kaspersky Free now?

Although the software isn’t due for release in the UK until October, you can get Kaspersky Free right now. Just like watching Netflix in another country, you can use a VPN to browse from a place where the application is available to download.