Even if you’ve never spent any time on a computer at all it’s likely that you know what Microsoft Office is. The name Microsoft Office is synonymous with the computer its-self and what’s more the name and brand identity of Microsoft Office has endured even till this day!

This is because Microsoft Office is such a versatile package it can literally help you do many different things. Want to build a presentation? Or perhaps start writing that novel or screenplay? Write your emails? Then Microsoft Office can help you do it all and much more besides.

But where did Microsoft Office’s journey start and what is everyone’s fondest memories of using the many famous Microsoft software programmes?  We asked around on social media and got a lot of interesting responses, so let’s take a closer look.


The Wondrous and Not So Wondrous WordArt

Any nineties or early noughties kid will remember WordArt and yes it is still here today. It does exactly what the name states allowing you to add some extra dazzle to your word documents, presentations and much more. Believe it or not there was a time when simply adding some rainbow colours to your title actually looked amazing and many a teacher likely got sick of seeing it again and again.

While WordArt is still part of Microsoft Office’s 365 package today it’s not quite the revolutionary wonder we all thought it was back then. However while it might be used more for cheesy titles or because of its nostalgic quality it still is used so we call that a win and hope Microsoft continue to include it. Plus it is actually improved nowadays with much more customizable options and added effects.

That Darn Paperclip!

“You seem to need help” remember that message from the famous Office Assistant Clippy! That wasn’t actually his name officially he was called Clippit but did anyone every call him that? The famous talking paperclip Office Assistant was actually one of many possible assistants but he’s likely the one everyone remembers.

But what did Clippy actually do? Well assist you of course if you needed help or guidance typing in your problem could at least sometimes bring up guidance and help guides for you. But let’s be honest we just watched him run through his cycle of different animations didn’t we?

Clippy and his many other assistants have been phased out of the latest Microsoft Office packages and have been replaced with a more straightforward and helpful “Tell me what you want to do” guidance box. But we’d be lying if we said we didn’t miss him a little.

The Formula!

Working in the older versions of Microsoft Office really did make you feel like a genius sometimes, while yes the computer did do most of the work you still had to remember the formula. Very sci-fi sounding now isn’t? Formulas like =Mean, =Average and many more all had to be remembered by us if you wanted your spreadsheet to work correctly. Nowadays the newest Office packages have a formula tab that will reveal the formula you need with just the touch of a button.

Oh Clip Art How We Loved You!

Just like WordArt Clip Art is a bit of a throwback nowadays but back before grabbing an image of Google was a thing we’d spend hours searching Clip Art for pictures. If you needed to add an image to any school work you can guarantee half your lesson would be spent searching through Clip Art.

Although contrary to popular belief Clip Art did and still does have plenty of images for you to choose from even if they all aren’t of the highest quality. While Clip Art is still around the newest version of Microsoft Office allows you to insert images directly from Bing, giving you much more variety.

So there’s some of the fondest memories people have of using the early versions of Microsoft Offices. Surprisingly or given Microsoft Office’s staying power that should be unsurprisingly many of these features still exist today although they’ve been greatly expanded on in the majority of cases and the Microsoft name is still going strong. We can’t help but wonder what the next generation of Microsoft Office user’s fondest memories will be.