For many of us e-mail is not just a way to communicate across long distances quickly and easily but it’s also something many people and businesses rely on. Because of this we can spend hours of time reading and replying to emails and when it comes to email providers Microsoft Outlook is one of the most commonly used ways to handle all your daily email matters.

But rather than spending hours of time checking and reading through you’re emails you can save yourself a lot of time by using handy keyboard shortcuts. Outlook has many keyboard shortcuts that offer a quicker and simpler way to input commands, you don’t even need to move your mouse or touch a touchpad.

You might know a few but there’s a lot of useful keyboard shortcuts that will help you move around faster on Microsoft Outlook and accomplish those repetitive daily tasks more quickly and efficiently. To help you do this we’ve compiled a detailed list of compatible Microsoft Outlook keyboard shortcuts onto a handy list for you –

To do thisPress
CloseEscape or Enter
Go to Home tabAlt+H
New messageAlt+H, N, 1
Insert fileAlt+N, A, F
New item (in Task view)Alt+H, N, 1
DeleteDelete (when a message, task, or meeting is selected)
SearchCtrl+E Alt+H, R, P
ReplyAlt+H, R, P
ForwardAlt+H, F, W
Reply AllAlt+H, R, A
CopyCtrl+C or Ctrl+Insert

Note: Ctrl+Insert is not available in the Reading pane.

Send/ReceiveAlt+S, S
Go to calendarCtrl+2
Create appointmentCtrl+Shift+A
Move to folderAlt+H, M, V, select folder from list
Attachment SaveAsAlt+JA, A, S